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COVID-19 response

Catholic Education Western Australia continues to align with WA Government advice to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff, and to provide our schools with relevant information and updates.

COVID-19 teaching and learning

We are committed to ensuring all Catholic school students are safe, supported and able to continue their studies at school.


The health and wellbeing of Catholic school students, their families and school staff remain our priority.

Updated: 24 November 2020

Phase 4 in Catholic schools

Term 4 of 2020 and Term 1 of 2021 arrangements will continue in line with the State Government and Department of Health advice, that is, Phase 4 will continue in all Catholic schools.

The health and safety of all students and staff remains our highest priority, and additional cleaning and hygiene regimes will continue, and altered school practices to ensure adherence to the physical distancing requirements of 2m2 will remain in place.

Student Attendance

All students are required to attend school unless they are unwell, have a medical referral to learn from home or live with a family member who is medically vulnerable.

Students with a medical condition Students may continue to learn from home if they are immune-compromised or are otherwise considered at-risk medically.

  • Parents who plan to keep their child home to continue learning remotely are asked to seek medical advice and will be required to provide medical evidence to the school. Students approved to learn from home will continue to be supported in their learning.
  • Where a student’s pre-existing medical condition is already known to the school, no medical evidence is required.

If a child is unwell

Students who are unwell should stay home. Parents are asked to seek medical advice if their child exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 and encouraged to notify the school if they have undergone testing. Normal processes for advising the school of a child’s absence will apply for any parent who keeps their child home.

Student with medically vulnerable family members

Students may continue to learn from home if a member of their immediate family is immune-compromised or medically vulnerable.

  • Parents who plan to keep their child home to continue learning remotely are asked to contact the school Principal and provide medical evidence to support their request.

Latest updates


The COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving, sometimes rapidly, so families are encouraged to evaluate the necessity and impact of planned travel over the upcoming Christmas holiday break.  Families who choose to leave Western Australia to travel to interstate or overseas destinations will be required to comply with the Western Australian state government requirements; for example, overseas travellers are currently required to undertake mandatory quarantine in a Perth hotel at their own expense.

Should you wish to travel, consult the following websites and contact numbers to inform yourself about the most up to date border restrictions, exemptions and quarantine requirements:

Entry to Australia

Website: COVID-19: Entering Australia

Phone: 1800 020 080

Entry to Western Australia

Website: COVID-19: Entering Western Australia

Phone: 13 26 843


Students who intend to travel to/from overseas destinations who are not listed in the Australian travel exemption categories will require two letters to support their applications to return to Australia:

  1. A confirmation of enrolment letter from Lisa Rodgers, Director General of the Department of Education, Western Australia
  2. A travel support letter from Dr Andrew Robertson, Chief Health Officer, Western Australia.

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COVID-19 fee support

Catholic Education Western Australia recognises we are living through an unprecedented time in our history and that the social and economic impact of the Covid-19 virus has been significant.

Read more about COVID-19 fee support

I would like to acknowledge the hard work, the adaptability, and the care for others demonstrated in our schools throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Dr Debra Sayce
Executive Director
Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA)