Updated: 31 January 2022

The health, wellbeing and safety of all students remains our highest priority, and additional cleaning and hygiene regimes will continue.  Schools will continue to practise physical distancing between adults, where possible, and encourage good personal hygiene at all times.

All  of  our schools have well developed plans to support  the  continuation  of  teaching  and  learning,  including  provisions  for  online learning, additional support for teachers and operational COVID-safe practices.

Establish a daily schedule and routine

Establish normal routines as much as possible - for example, in relation to eating, sleeping, studying, praying, meditating, playing, physical activity and downtime for all students.

Take an interest in your child’s learning

All parents are encouraged to take an active interest in their child's learning and activities and help support them whenever they need a helping hand.

Prayer and Christian Service

Try to make regular times for prayer, morning prayer, grace before meals and other family prayer times. While Churches remain closed try to recreate Church in the home using special places set up with religious symbols. Remind students of serving others at this time by offering prayers for those in need.

Students can also do Christian service at this time by writing to, or phoning those who are lonely and housebound. Following health advice, they can help parents prepare and deliver care packages and meals to the doorsteps of those who need extra support.

Monitor your child’s online activity

It is important to ensure the same levels of behaviour expected at school are maintained at home. Monitor the websites children are accessing and ensure that all online communications are polite and that negative comments are not posted.

Encourage technology breaks

New learning paradigms rely on the heavy use of technology. Ensure breaks from technology are built in, and you check in on your children and encourage physical activity during these technology breaks.

Place technology in a public space in the home

Consider carefully where the your devices are placed, especially if live video is used. Move devices out of the bedroom where possible and ensure backgrounds are neutral with no identifiable personal information.

Official school communication channels

Your school may have set up communication channels either through portals or secure messaging sites. These communication channels will be the only trusted means by which communication between teachers/school staff and students happens. Follow the school’s guidelines for maintaining regular communication with the school and teachers.

Safety controls and privacy restrictions on apps and software

Your child may be asked to download certain software and/or apps by your school. Parents are encouraged to always use safety controls as a precaution.

Maintain feedback with teachers

Stay in communication with teachers and let the teachers know about your child’s progress. Be professional and only communicate through the school's suggested channels for communication.

Journaling and meditation

This is a most unusual time, journal keeping and meditation in whatever format is most comfortable for your child may help your child process this time.


Enjoy your time together, try not to become too stressed in these unprecedented times. If stress is negatively impacting upon your child, contact the teachers and work through things together.